Love is the most wonderful and powerful emotion in this world. Express this wonderful feeling of love to your partner on Valentines Day which is celebrated every year around the world.
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You light up my world,
And make me forget all my fears,
Your laughter brightens up my days,
And chases away all my tears.

You are my every dream come true,
No one else will ever do;
Because only you can make me feel,
The way I do.

My heart beats at least a million times,
Whenever you cross my mind.
You’ve got a special way with me,
You make me believe,
In this love that we’ve found,
And I promise I’ll never let you down.
By a fleeting touch of your hand
You light up my skin and my heart
And I know that you are the man
With whom I just can't bare to part.

I feel love and passion so deep
That I'd rather spend every night
Watching you quietly as you sleep,
Shining softly with love so bright.

Not a crush, nor habit, nor lust...
No, I know now I've found in you
The love of my present and past,
The star that shall never go out.

There's no other power so strong,
No emotion, no bond of trust,
Life without you is